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ASA101 - Keelboat Sailing 1

Call 928.501.SAIL (7245) to Schedule

Learn the basics of sailing

PRICE: $450 per person

DURATION: 2 days (about 12 hours total)

LOCATION: Scorpion Bay Marina, Lake Pleasant, AZ

AGES: Recommended 16+


Learn theory and have "on the water" experience: 4 hours discussion, 8 hours on the water, over 2 days on the Catalina 25 foot sloop. 

Course topics include: terms and definitions, parts of the boat, points of sail, helm commands, basic sail trim, points of sail, buoyage, seamanship and safety including basic navigation rules to avoid collisions and hazard reading the wind and sails, basic knots and maneuvering under power and sail. 

Prior sailing experience will allow the instructor to elaborate beyond the basic text. Reading the materials is required prior to the lecture. 

Price includes written test, ASA Certification fees, and ASA logbook.


  1. Purchase your Official ASA course BOOK ONLINE (Sailing Made Easy) and study prior to arriving. Bring book, notebook and pencil.

  2. We also recommend completing the online ASA course "Your First Sail".

  3. Instructor will provide you with start time. It will be a full day, so pack a lunch.

  4. Bring water (please no metal/glass), sunblock, a hat, and light jacket per weather.

  5. Shoes: non-marking outsoles, such as sneakers. 

  6. Bring sailing or other durable gloves for handling lines.


  1. Please be on time.

  2. It will start with classroom training, then move into hands-on boat training.

  3. On the second day you will take the written exam.


  1. When you pass the course, the instructor will contact ASA with verification. You will receive the official ASA ID and ASA Logbook signed by your instructor, an ASA 101 Certification Sticker, and a 90-day trial ASA Membership.

  2. If you do not pass, you will have up to one year from date of course completion to retake test, free of charge.

Learn more about the Veteran's Special for ASA101:

Veterans Discount

Gratuity is always appreciated, but not required.

All sales are final. Lessons may be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to appointment.

If weather conditions are unsafe, Sailboat Shop will contact you to reschedule free of charge.

There is no designated age minimum, but we recommend ages 16 and up, due to the physical requirements.

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