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Congratulations to two of Sailboat Shop's very own instructors for being named 2023 ASA Outstanding Instructor of the Year. Captain Bob and Captain Emory are the only two instructors to be honored from the same school, which is a rare occurrence. Come take classes with us and have the opportunity to learn from these great teachers. 

Sailing is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed year round by the entire family. Whether you're sailing along on a stiff breeze, anchored in a secluded cove, fishing off the stern or enjoying a moonlight cruise, there is something in sailing for everyone at every age. Lessons, rentals, and sales!

Our goal is to make your sailing experience as safe, comfortable, and fun as possible. We are happy to announce that we will be offering a sailing Practice Meetup for students to work with each other and a certified ASA instructor to hone their skills and ensure that each person can operate our C25 or C270 on their own. In addition, we also offer a full day rental of each of the boats with the option to sail with a trainer for a portion of that time. 

NEW! Practice Meetup

Want more practice sailing, but aren't ready to rent? Do you just want more time on the water and enjoy meeting new people? Sign up for our Practice Meetup! Practice anything you want with one of our experienced sailors. We'd like to hear from you and what you're interested in exploring. We will post dates on our calendar soon and hope to see you on the water. 

*Must have ASA101 Certification or equivalent. Max 6 people per session. First come, first serve.

NEW! Rentals with a Trainer

If you'd like to rent a boat on your own, but aren't fully comfortable doing it by yourself yet, book a full day with either the C25 or C270 and a trainer. You may include one of our trainers for 3 or 6 hours on top of the rental.

*Must have ASA101 Certification or equivalent.


Sailing Lessons

American Sailing Association (ASA) accredited school, offering local and certification vacation classes.

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Enjoy our 25' or 27' Catalina boats on Lake Pleasant



Lake Cruise or Sunset Cruise options on the Catalina 270


Boats for Sale

Authorized Catalina dealer

Join us at beautiful Lake Pleasant in Arizona!

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