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ASA Sailing Lessons in Arizona, California and beyond!

The Sailboat Shop is an American Sailing Association

(ASA) Sailing School. 

At Lake Pleasant we teach the 

  • ASA101 Basic Keelboat ($450) 

  • ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising ($450)** 

  • ASA105 Basic Coastal Navigation ($350) - home study

A special note about class size:  Class sizes for the ASA 101 and ASA 103 class, when taught at Lake Pleasant, are limited to a minimum of two and a maximum of four students.  Larger classes can be arranged by contacting the Sailboat Shop directly for additional information.

Private lessons for individuals and small parties with schedule requirements can be accommodated at additional cost. We strive to meet your needs, call us to schedule your learning adventure! 

In California we teach the following (prices starting as noted-restrictions apply):

  • ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising ($1095)

  • ASA104 Bareboat Chartering ($1095)

  • ASA114 Catamaran Cruising ($595)

How about your own CERTIFICATION VACATION to San Diego, Catalina Island, San Juan Islands, or?  Where do you want to go?  We offer 2-5 day Certification Vacations starting at $1095 per person, double occupancy (restrictions apply). 

Personalize your instruction! Pick 1, 2 or 3 in a row from the following list to create your own customized sailing lesson experience**:


ASA101 Certification before ASA103.

ASA103 Certification before ASA104

ASA104 Certification before ASA114




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