ASA Sailing Lessons in Arizona, California and beyond!

The Sailboat Shop is an American Sailing Association (ASA) Sailing School. 

At Lake Pleasant we teach the 

  • ASA101 Basic Keelboat ($375) 

  • ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising ($375)** 

  • ASA105 Basic Coastal Navigation ($295) - home study

In California we teach the following (starting at $895-restrictions apply):

How about your own CERTIFICATION VACATION to San Diego, Catalina Island, San Juan Islands, or?  Where do you want to go?  We offer 2-5 day Certification Vacations starting at $895 per person, double occupancy (restrictions apply). 

Personalize your instruction! Pick 1, 2 or 3 in a row from the following list to create your own customized sailing lesson experience**:


ASA101 Certification before ASA103.

ASA103 Certification before ASA104

ASA104 Certification before ASA114




Sailing Intro 3hr
3 hour Introduction to Sailing. $185. Maximum 4 persons. Call to schedule.
ASA101 Basic Keelboat
ASA101 Basic Keelboat. $375 per person. Call to schedule.
ASA103 Coastal Cruising
Coastal Cruising. $375 per person. Call to schedule.
ASA104 Bareboat Cruising
Certification Vactation - ASA104 Bareboat Cruising
ASA114 Cruising Catamaran
Certification Vactation - ASA114 Cruising Catamaran
Certification Vacation
San Diego, Catalina Is., Wherever you want to go!
ASA105 Coastal Navigation
Coastal Navigation Self-Study and Testing. $295 per person. Call to schedule.
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