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ASA Veterans-only DISCOUNT!

(ASA Veteran Registration Required)


ASA101 - BASIC KEELBOAT:  2 days - $450 per person.  Maximum 4 persons

With the ASA 101 class you will learn theory and have 'on the water' experience. 
~~~ twelve hours of instruction under an American Sailing Association certified instructor.The cost is $450 per person and includes all course materials. Classes are scheduled when we have a minimum of two students and a maximum of four. We have four certified instructors and can usually accommodate your needs. 

The course consists of a four hour lecture and eight hours on the water, the class is spread over two or three days. The boat is a 25-30 foot sloop. 

Course topics include: terms and definitions, parts of the boat, points of sail, right of way, reading the wind and sails,basic knots and maneuvering under power and sail. 

Prior sailing experience will allow the instructor elaborate beyond the basic text. Reading the materials is required prior to the lecture. 

Cost of $450 includes text and test fees.

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